Get comfortable and be in style with our spandex legging! The complimenting hue and comfort of the leggings can be used during your casual walks, sweaty workouts, long run, and hike. Spandex legging gives you the sense of comfort with the strong and durable materials it is made of, spandex legging is one of the girl’s wardrobe essential. Choose the ideal leggings and put the style and comfort that you want. Fashion style depends on the individual’s perception, do not lose your own sense of style!

Spandex leggings are not a substitute for pants, spandex leggings are the legging right for you to wear for your swimming escapades or casual workouts. The spandex can give you a presence of a stretched outline and can make you look smaller, it cuts the tallness aspect. People with thicker and short body measurements looks good in spandex leggings, to people who have short body frame use high heels to supplement their appearance and short appearance. To be in a match with the weather, the legging length varies, for a hot and humid weather wear a short cut leggings while during the cold and chilly winter weather wear long leggings to protect you from the changes of the weather with style. You can also have your leggings be paired with a mini skirt to look cute even on winter days! If you have slightly cropped leggings, you can combine it with a loose shirt, sweater, and sneakers to feel comfortable during your busy days. To get cozy and warm, pair your leggings with a plain and cozy outfit of a waffle knit long sleeve and a warm scarf.

As you wear your spandex leggings every day, you should take good care of it to avoid it to stretch out or shrink. Keep your toenails and fingernails filed, to avoid tearing the spandex legging, and soak thoroughly your hands and feet to avoid catching the unpleasant and dry skin. This method is preferred to give your spandex leggings a longer life.

First, fill up the tub with a cold water and a cold water detergent. Turn the spandex leggings inside out and work the fabric together until the cold water detergent gets foamy. Rinse the spandex leggings at least twice with a cold water. Gently wring the spandex leggings until it is slightly damp, let it dry with room air or sun exposure. There is another preferred method for washing your spandex leggings, most especially if the users are strictly managing their time. When the time is lacking to hand wash the spandex leggings, turn the spandex leggings inside out and wash them cold. Pick a gentle or hand wash setting on your washing machine. Let it dry with room air or sun exposure, and if you lack time to do this set your dryer machine on low heat. Turning the spandex leggings inside out in washing keeps them from pilling. To make the spandex leggings last, air dry or expose them to the sun. The sun’s UV ray contains a bacteria killing property which can help the leggings an additional cleaning.