A high waisted legging shows off more of your waist than you think, a high waisted legging highlights the trimmest part of your waist, your actual waist line. Next to fleece lined leggings, high waisted leggings have been the most in demand in the market for most women. Feeling stylish and on point, while going about your daily if is important, there are many occasions when wearing leggings is the best choice to make, may it be hitting the gym or running your daily errands. We represent to you the benefits of high waisted leggings.

The high waisted legging keeps everything nice and tucked in that can flatter your figure thus a slimming effect can be seen. Figure flattering with its slimming effect, it will accentuate all your curves.

Slimming effect, it can magically hide the extra few pounds you have gained. Perfect match for a long time sports bra and / cropped tops. The high waisted leggings are comfortable and can give you a laid-back feeling.

Here are the Dos and Don’ts in wearing leggings:

  • Generally, no matter the print of the leggings, whether it is a floral print, animal print, stripes, geometric or just plain solid, choose a fabric that is thick enough not to imitate your skin. It is not a problem if it fits perfectly, yet it might look like you are naked from the waist down.
  • If you have been gaining an extra few pounds and already extremely bottom heavy, this might disappoint you. High waisted leggings can accentuate all your curves.
  • High waisted leggings are best paired with high or ankle boots, a pair of stilettos or any shoes that can complement and help you achieve the desired look you want.
  • As you wear your high-waisted leggings every day, you should take good care of it to avoid it to stretch out or shrink. This method is preferred to give your leggings a longer life.
  • First, fill up the tub with a cold water and a cold water detergent. Turn the high waisted leggings inside out and work the fabric together until the cold water detergent gets foamy. Rinse the high-waisted leggings at least twice with a cold water. Gently wring the leggings until it is slightly damp, let it dry with room air or sun exposure. There is another preferred method for washing their high waisted leggings, most especially if the users are strictly managing their time. When the time is lacking to hand wash the high waisted leggings, turn the leggings inside out and wash them cold. Pick a gentle or hand wash setting on your washing machine. Let it dry with room air or sun exposure, and if you lack time to do this set your dryer machine on low heat.
  • Turning the high waisted leggings inside out in washing keeps them from pilling. To make the leggings last, air dry or expose them to the sun. The sun’s UV ray contains a bacteria killing property which can help the leggings an additional cleaning.